The problem with virtually every competitor of ours is that they want to charge upfront and usually can’t deliver you results.  We are different.  We don’t speak a lot of technical nor confusing jargon.  Rather – We provide you actual proof upfront and only when you see your company ranking on the first page of Google have we earned the right to manage your online presents at a cost that pays for itself.

The Process

     Because we live in a world of highly competitive markets, we first we actively seek  companies that genuinely can produce a quality product or service.  We do this because we take great pride in representing excellent businesses within their communities.  Next, we use strategic and tactical current Search Engine Optimization techniques that actually work to give our clients the first page ranking on Google.    Our clients experience more leads or customers and as a result more revenue or income.  Once we have gotten our clients on the first page of Google for their geographical location, (often ranking #1), we contact the business owner to see if they’d like to retain their high ranking with Google at a cost that literally pays for itself.  

The Major Benefit to You

     We take great pride in actually producing the results for our clients first.  While others may make BIG promises that come along with complicated words and processes, we prefer to show you first.  Only then, can you decide if you like if you wish to retain the high ranking with Google.  The best part is that we actually pay for ourselves by increasing your customers or leads.