About Us03

Licensing Experts, Inc. is a California corporation, located in Southern California and was launched in 2019 by Co-Founders, Dr. Curtis Brown and Robert McPhearson.  We are committed to helping new or existing business owners and entrepreneurs to become highly profitable based upon information they already have, but often very much underutilized and under leveraged.   Part of how we achieve results is by demonstrating that exchanging time for money is very limiting.  And, that on the highway of life, there are others that trail you, who don’t yet have your knowledge, experience, skills and insights but are willing to pay for such wisdom.  We help our clients positions themselves as highly paid commentators, advisers, critics, mentors or coaches.  

Our goal is to bring the most effective profitable results to our clients when they otherwise aren’t able to achieve the same level of successes on their own.   Each one of our team members have proven success skills in positioning, package and marketing for virtually any business, industry or niche.   Our mission is help our clients reach larger audiences, profit more and to experience the satisfaction in contributing to others on the internet on a much broader scale, without having to exchange time for money.

Co-Founding Partner, Dr. Curtis Brown, piloting his own aircraft. 

Since being honorably discharged from the military and later becoming broke and homeless after a failed business partnership, it took many years before he found himself the right mentor. Since then, with the aide of his mentor, Dr. Brown has gone on to earn millions with several existing successful companies and has gained a doctorate degree in Metaphysics.  He enjoys time with his family, plus coaching or mentoring business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Here’s What They’re Saying About Us!”

“I was delighted to have such a customized experienced as naturally no two entrepreneurs with their unique histories are a like.  As a consequence of what I learned, I earned over $23K within my first 5 weeks.   It’s frankly something I couldn’t have done alone.   I don’t know of another program that does this.  Working with Dr. Curtis Brown and Robert Mcphearson has been an eye awakening experience.  I am so very grateful.  What I’ve learned from them in 2 weeks is more than I’ve learned in 7 years trying to make serious money on the internet.”  – Michael Westbrook, Sacramento, CA

“I knew I could talk about and share my insights in make up artistry to help others. I just didn’t know where to start or even if people would listen.   But, having already experience in my niche simply brought credibility that people could trust me and actually pay for my advice.  Licensing Experts, Inc, was clever enough to extract information from me to help create content for a blog and youTube videos.  I’ve now made me just over $80K in just 5 months.  This program takes anyone who is sincere and with very little money upfront to succeed as a coach or mentor, or just giving advice, commentary, analysis.  I have actually enjoyed being a highly paid teacher!  It’s clearly a lot less work”  – Gloria Johnson, Seattle, WA