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Dr. Curtis Brown

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Our CEO, is Dr. Curtis Brown.  After experiencing being homeless after his military tour he found a mentor to directly teach him how to become successful.  He now possesses a masters and doctorate degree in metaphysics.    He is now the founder of 3 distinct successful businesses.  He mostly enjoys now being a mentor and coach for individuals seeking a higher level of success, specializing in the area of entrepreneurship.  His journey started when he was flat broke and struggling in just about every area of his life.

Today, as a millionaire he lives in Orange County, California overlooking the panoramic Pacific Coast in a beautiful large home with his loving wife.  His teachings on making money will uplift and transform you.  You will come to execute on detailed strategies and finally come to understand how to utilize habits to effortless get what you already truly want!


“I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first.  But, this company offers to start working with you for absolutely FREE!  It showed me they care and that they were legit.  Once I started earning within a week, only then was I obligated to compensate them a small percentage fairly of what I made.  I just liked they not coming out of pocket upfront.  I learned one of the fastest way to earn money was to simply provide or share information.  And, the best information to provide was from my own existing past, experiences and knowledge.  The company helped me decide what to share, showed me how package it and then promote it.   They literally took me by the hand and personally taught me the most  direct way to become successful.  I was delighted to have such a customized experienced as naturally no two entrepreneurs with their unique histories are a like.  As a consequence of what I learned, I earned over $23K within my first 5 weeks.   It’s frankly something I couldn’t have done alone.   I don’t know of no other program that does this.  Working with Dr. Curtis Brown and Robert Mcphearson has been an eye awakening experience.  I am so very grateful.  What I’ve learned from them in 2 weeks is more than I’ve learned in 7 years trying to make serious money on the internet alone with DIY Programs.”  – Michael Westbrook, Sacramento, CA

“The topic I chose to share was my divorce.  Since I lived it, I knew I could talk about it and share my insights to help others either avoid it, or navigate it better.  Being a real person it simply brought credibility that people could trust me and actually pay for my advice.  Licensing Experts, Inc, was clever enough to extract information from me to help create content for a blog and youTube videos that has now made me just over $80K in just 5 months.  Who knew I could turn my darkest days into such a profitable venture?  This program takes anyone who is sincere and without any money upfront and helps them to succeed. ”  – Gloria Johnson, Seattle, WA

“I like the word FREE, because it means no risk.  This company really means free to start.  Frankly, I didn’t have any money to pay for a program.  So when I found out this company performs first, followed by results, then I could pay a percentage out of my earnings, I said to myself this if for me.  I’m a stay at home mom.   I thought contributing to others was well past me.  Dr. Curtis Brown, Robert Mcphearson and their team was able to extract from me that teaching my daughter how to tie her shoe had value.  My Youtube video on Showing How to Tie a Shoe, quickly got over 20,000 views and my website made me over $45K within the first 60 days of launching.”  – Angie K., San Diego, CA

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Why follow someone else’s program like the “masses”, competing and hoping to earn “some money”, when YOU can share information from your own past, knowledge or experience.  Your passion or your past, (failures or successes) is something others can learn from and has monetary value.  Start with no upfront fee as we simply show you how to monetize yourself so that you can grow into a 6 Figure income from home?   Sharing a topic from your past, knowledge or experience, or simply on what you’re passionate about is extremely lucrative, natural, fun and gives you sense of confidence and extreme satisfaction.  With no overhead, nor employees to start you can position yourself, package yourself and promote yourself and can start seeing huge profits coming in within weeks!  Yes, this has already been proven possible many times over and over by ordinary people through books, YouTube videos, blogs, articles, DVD home-study programs, webinars, seminars and more.  Isn’t time you started your own thing?  Let us show you how with our “exclusive” mentorship program.  It’s time you mastered your own financial potential while making a difference in the lives of others.

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For those who perhaps feel the need to build confidence and experience first before sharing your own advice, then the right “affiliate program” offers an excellent lucrative alternative.  Discover here that you won’t need to be creative, nor passionate, nor require to be good at any particular thing.  Here, you simply follow “cookie cutter” steps to earn additional income.  This is an excellent choice designed for the true beginner.